In honour of National Smile Day

Apparently the first Friday in October is National Smile Day.  Who knew?  I thought I might try to embrace the sentiment by smiling at everyone.   It started badly.  I frightened my teenage daughter by beaming at her over breakfast – she’s not a morning person!  She called me a freak and stormed off taking her toast with her  to her bedroom.  So I tried a different approach with my son (who is also not a morning person) and suggested that he smile a bit more during the course of his day.  ‘Not doing it’ he responded. ‘Not doing anything that involves being annoyed at breakfast.’  Defeated, I went upstairs and smiled at my husband as he packed his briefcase.  ‘How much does it cost?’ he asked, anticipating a costly purchase.   At that point I called it a day and I wrote this Limerick to mark the event.

A handsome young fellow named Giles

Tried to win some young girls with his smile

But his smirk was so scary

It made the girls were wary

And his advances were cruelly reviled.


About caitrionaw

Mother, wife, dog owner. Slave, winer, diner, reader, theatre goer.
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