Attention Architects and Interior Designers

Throughout all the years of the building boom there remained one consistent building design flaw and that is the failure to provide sufficient space in the cubicles of ladies toilets for those awful sanitary disposal units.  In older buildings one can forgive the lack of space, or planning, for these necessary evils.  But there is no excuse for the oversight in twenty-first century buildings.  I have seen beautiful facilities in fine hostelries, and public buildings, spoiled by the closeness of the disposal units to the lavatory bowl.  For a normal sized person it can be difficult to sit comfortably and avoid contact with the bins, God only knows how the larger lady manages.  The Nanny state butts in frequently where it is neither needed nor wanted yet I doubt that there has been any legislation on this topic.

An alternate solution to slightly larger cubicles would be disposal units that do not stand  as high as the toilet bowl.  And I once saw cylindrical ones that stood taller than, but well clear of, the bowl. They were neat in every sense of the word.  But I suspect their capacity wasn’t huge.


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