Paul Heaton at the Academy

Paul Heaton doesn’t do fashion.  He arrived on stage wearing an Adidas track suit top and a dark pair of trousers.  He performed his playlist without removing the jacket although he must have been feeling the heat.  Honestly he looked like someone out of the movie ‘Adam and Paul’!  What Sue Sylvester, of Glee, has done for the brand is  negated instantly by Heaton.  And his band mates…  well the bass player looks a bit like Malcolm (in the Middle) and the guitar player is a cross between Eddy Izzard and a lumberjack if you can picture such a combination.  Nobody notices the drummer, of course.   And the attendant crowd clearly didn’t do fashion either.  I’ve never seen such a raggle-taggle audience at anything. Grunge bands would have better dressed fans.

Enough with the ‘look’ though because it is, after all, about the sound.  And Paul didn’t disappoint us.  He has improved greatly since we saw him last year in Cypress Avenue in Cork.  He seems more focused and confident.  And he definitely appeared to be on top of things.  The event was not sold out which, from our point of view, was good!  He belted out a lot of material from his new album, a few numbers from his last one and one or two old Housemartin hits.  His time on stage was a little bit short but his new CD was on sale at €15.00 – which was nice.


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