Four To The Power Of Two (a cryptic clue).

I have an addictive personality and usually find I have some little obsession on the go.  For years it was smoking which was replaced by chewing Nicorette gum which, in turn, was replaced by chewing regular gum.  In my youth I adored video games and spent a fortune in the arcades on Space Invaders and Asteroids.  I have been lucky too. I didn’t develop addictions to Class A drugs or become hooked on poker machines, which might have happened.

All these years later I still have addictive tendencies.  When my kids got Nintendo consoles as Christmas gifts guess who was playing them hour after hour once their owners were in bed?  And internet gaming – that’s a whole other sphere but I have restricted mine to online Scrabble, the odd  bout of Bejewelled and sometimes Word Challenge.  Social media is a new direction for me. I tried facebook for a while but pulled right back when I was targeted with an advert for a face cream for women of my ‘exact age’.  That really annoyed me, is that cream no good for women a year younger than I am? Or will it lose it’s effectiveness the morning of my next birthday? But I’m being facetious.  The truth is that I realised that my personal information is ‘out there’ and that facebook is facilitating companies in their marketing.  So I now only use my facebook account to play Scrabble and for the occasional instant message.

It is Twitter that I have really taken a liking to.  It’s quite similar to IRC, which I used to enjoy at the end of the last century, but better.  It is informative and funny, entertaining and addictive!  I have to learn to control my use of it.  Through Twitter I came accross FourSquare which is my ‘addiction du jour’, for now.  To be honest I’m not that obsessed with it but there are a few mayorships for which I am prepared to do battle.   My local convenience store is one and I have to check in there daily to prevent its falling into enemy hands.  My local village is another one that I mean to reclaim very soon.  I am 2 days away from being Mayor according to Foursquare.  Then there are a few places I go to where the mayorship seems to rotate on a regular basis.  Obviously there are no die-hard old war dogs like me clinging on to the territory.  And the fluctuating mayorships are another enjoyable feature of the Foursquare application.  Then there are the badges, of which I have a  good few, that I want to get.  I am struggling to get my gym badge.  Obviously I’m not checking in at the gym often enough although I think I might get it this month if I go everyday from now on.  It’s the same story with the dog walking badge but I might also get that this month too… if the weather lends itself to dog walking.

Meanwhile I’ll be protecting my territories.  No pretenders to my throne will be tolerated. Bring it on!


About caitrionaw

Mother, wife, dog owner. Slave, winer, diner, reader, theatre goer.
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