The Dubliner – 100 Best Restaurants

I was delighted to find this little book in my Christmas stocking. I’ve decided to work my way through it by attempting to dine in all the establishments listed therein.  It’s quite a challenge and I hope that I am up to it.  The list is already growing shorter due to the untimely closing of some of the stalwarts of the restaurant business. For example Gruel on Dame Street, one of the city’s most popular lunch spots, has already closed down. Hopefully there won’t be too many more casualties during the year.

Update September 2011

You can read through my blog and find my reviews of the restaurants listed in the book, along with reviews of other restaurants! I started off with the intention of dining in all the places listed in the book but I have come to realise that a lot of the place are just too unbearable. Many are included because they are city-centre, convenient lunch spots. More are included because they are cheap and cheerful. So while I’ll continue to try and eat at some of the restaurants in the book, I am no longer going to be ruled by it. There are too many great places that are not included here and a lot of rubbish ones that are.

Another casualty since I started this endeavour is Le Salon Des Saveurs, Conrad Gallager’s place. I’m not bothered at having missed out on this experience. I ate at Peacock Alley many moons ago and was singularly unimpressed. Also I’m singularly unimpressed by Gallagher.

Update :


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2 Responses to The Dubliner – 100 Best Restaurants

  1. Enda says:

    Gruel wasn’t a vegetarian restaurant. They had many delicious plates of food for meat eaters and omnivores. I am quite sad to see Gruel closed. There really was nothing like it for those great hearty soups at lunch time and inexpensive interesting food in the evening. Hopefully they will open again soon.

    • caitrionaw says:

      You’re absolutely right. I made a mistake and I’ll fix it. I ate there with my vegetarian cousin and she was delighted with the range of food from which she could choose. That’s probably why I thought it was vegetarian. But now I remember that they served ‘roast in a roll’. I was there only once and I thought it was fantastic value for money.

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