Caffe di Napoli (Westland Row)

Through Twitter I won a voucher for a free pizza at any of the three branches of Caffe di Napoli.  I decided to meet my student son for lunch in the Westland Row branch.  It was chock-a-block at one o’clock when we arrived but after ten minutes waiting we were seated. Following a quick peruse of the menu we chose a pizza boscaiola to share and I asked for a Peroni.

The pizza arrived in jig time. It was very tasty.  The base was thin with one or two pockets of air causing a blister effect. The topping was tomato, mushroom and Italian sausage. The funny thing is that there was no cheese. I just expected that there would be some but my son pointed out that it wasn’t actually written on the menu description.

In order not to appear to be freeloading I suggested that we order desserts. The choices on the blackboard were tempting – homemade Banoffee Pie, homemade Tiramisu or Affogato. But alas! both the banoffee and the tiramisu were sold out already. The waitress told us that there was a chocolate dessert and an apple pie also available. I chose ice-cream and my son had a cappuccino. The ice-cream was delicious.

The staff were attentive and friendly. The food was really nice. The place was buzzing and there were a lot of real Italians eating there. The Pizzeria (downstairs) is modern and bright. (Pizza €12.50, dessert, cappuccino and beer €13.40).

I will be returning.


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