A Fox Tale

She’s a Fox!

Does any woman really want to be described as a fox? Foxes are traditionally regarded as being sly and cunning. One only has to remember the stories of our childhood to be reminded of that. Aesop’s fables abound with tales of foxes getting the better of other animals. The tale of The Fox The Crow is a case in point. And, for good measure, there is also the the tale of The Fox And The Goat. These tales indicate the cruel cunning of the fox.

And what of the fox in the real world? Is it really representative of the kind of creature that a guy would like to court and seduce? It is well known that city foxes are infected with mange and have been known to pass it on to domestic pets. Foxes destroy flower beds and vegetable patches in their search for slugs and grubs.  The smell from their faeces, should they foul your lawn, is absolutely horrendous.

This time of year is mating season and one can hear the mating call of the fox from afar. It is a very eerie noise and sounds as though a violent crime of some sort is being committed against somebody.

Foxes steal too. An acquaintance had to stop leaving a food dish out for her cat because it was being stolen on a regular basis by a fox. She even spotted it trotting along the field behind her house with the dish in its mouth (and the food still in it). And they don’t stop at stealing food. They also steal shoes. Yes! It’s true FOXES STEAL SHOES!

So is this really what guys want? A diseased, smelly, wailing, sly and thieving woman? And do they believe that women are charmed by being compared to a fox?  I don’t think so.


About caitrionaw

Mother, wife, dog owner. Slave, winer, diner, reader, theatre goer.
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