The painters were in last week so it was a good excuse to have lunch out. I met up with my niece and we decided to try Jo’burgers in Rathmines. I’d lunched here shortly after it opened so I knew what to expect. It was a Tuesday and there were a handful of customers. Joe himself brought us the menu(This is not a link to Jo’burger’s most annoying web page.) My thrifty niece immediately decided to go for the ten euro lunch special – a simple burger with one or two toppings, bush fries and a coffee. I went for the Jabaulani – egg, bacon and relish. We both chose beef burgers although we could have had lamb, fish or chicken instead. I also ordered the sweet potato fries.

There was no doubt that our burgers were cooked freshly as we waited about twenty minutes for them to be brought to the table. Mine was huge. The bun must have been fifteen cm in diameter. And the burger, bacon, egg and dressing built it up into quite a tower. Then there was a mini forest of lettuce on top of all that. The whole thing had to be kept together with a skewer. When I saw it I knew I shouldn’t have bothered with the fries as I wasn’t exactly ravenous. The portion of bush fries that came with the special order would have been sufficient for the two of us. My burger was very tasty but it was definitely short on relish. My niece really enjoyed her value meal and plans to return.

The bill came to almost €29 which is a bit steep for lunch these days. My advice is to order the special.

There’s a another scene here at night with disco music. I imagine that this makes for a completely different experience and might explain why this place is included in The Dubliner – 100 Best Restaurants.




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