Yes But No Butt!


EA Scrabble App - first one on the list.

I am a bit of a scrabble head. Although I don’t play in open competition I would consider a score of under 300 points to be a pretty poor achievement for me. Anyway, in order to feed my habit I purchased a scrabble app for my iPhone.  It might be worth noting that I paid for this privilege and that I am over eighteen years of age.

I was using it on a Sunday last and enjoying the game even though the computer was winning. I saw an opportunity to catch up by playing the word BUTT.  Imagine my surprise, nay shock, when the word was not accepted. The following screenshots should make things clearer.


My rack.

My play.

The response.








This has to be political correctness gone totally overboard. If this word is *not in the dictionary* a number of problems arise.  How can the Billy Goats Gruff dispense with the Troll?  How can a soldier hold a rifle? Is there no longer an end to a cigarette? How can one interrupt a conversation? And what will be the target of a joke? ( Apart from the EA Scrabble App).





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2 Responses to Yes But No Butt!

  1. Denizen 293 says:

    Perhaps it was BI (a bisexual) that the game objected to

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