I ate in Jo’Burger, Rathmines, last week and wrote a post about it. I intended to include a photo of ‘Joe himself’ in the article and did a quick search for him on Google. That is how I found out about Crackbird. I had my free #tweetseats booked and all before there was any write up in The Irish Times. What are #tweetseats? In this case follow @crackBIRDdublin on Twitter, send in your request for seats, date and time and wait. They will get back to you to confirm if your seats are available. Otherwise walk in and take your chances – as a paying customer.

Crackbird Crispy Garlic Soy Chicken.

The restaurant is down a dark and dismal alleyway and is definitely not in a great location for catching passing trade. Therefore it is probably a good thing that it is a ‘pop up,’ temporary restaurant as it is clearly off the beaten track. Its launch in conjunction with social media was an excellent idea. I don’t ever remember a new restaurant getting so much publicity but, then again, it is a very novel idea.

Crackbird Lunch.

Anyway, if you read the link to The Irish Times article you will have a good idea what this place is about. You can only order chicken. We took our server’s recommendation of Super Crispy Soy Garlic chicken (€9.95), some dippers, salads and sauces. I might add that the coleslaw (cabbage only) was absolutely delicious. The chicken was coated in a very spicy batter and skillet fried. One portion between two of us was more than ample. Trust me on that.

Cracking Crackbird Coffee!

We were offered cake for dessert but we had to pass because I was too full and my guest is wheat intolerant. We ordered coffee instead. After I’d ordered my coffee I noticed that the menu described it as filter coffee so I was regretting my choice but I’d left it too late to do anything about it. So I was thrilled when a fantastic flavoursome coffee arrived complete with ‘crema’. Oh joy! In my opinion it is very difficult to find a decent cup of coffee in restaurants in Dublin.

#tweetseats covered free lunch but not coffee and we received our bill in a brown envelope! The bill for two excellent coffees came to €5.00. Crackbird is a fantastic concept. It is not fine dining but it is a fun, buzzing kind of place. A real recession buster. I hope it works out for Joe and co.


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