We decided to pop out for a quick Indian meal a while back It was the Sunday evening before Valentine’s Day. Because we’d eaten in Monsoon in Rathmines a few times in the past we thought we’d venture there for a change. We passed by Vermilion, Meghna and Poppadoms on our way there. We are lucky, spoilt actually, to have a clatter of well regarded Indian Restaurants on our doorstep.

We arrived in to a very quiet restaurant. There were two other couples there ahead of us at 6:30 p.m.. We were served with some poppadoms and dips while we perused the  menu. The dips were not nearly as good as I remembered them being and I was a bit disappointed. We normally order beer with Indian food as spicy food does not suit fine wine. So it was very surprising to see a note on the menu that lists the beers, sherry and kir  as being ‘temporarily o/s’. Very strange indeed. Had we been aware of this before we tucked into the poppadoms we may not have stayed.

There were lots of chefs working in the kitchen so I knew our food was being freshly prepared. I could even see them from my seat. Anyway, to start, we ordered the platter for two persons which turned out to be rather unexceptional. To follow I had the Kozhi Vartha (chicken) curry. I can’t remember what himself had but it was definitely a mild dish. We had pilau rice and plain naan bread too. My curry was really good, but would have been better with a bottle of Cobra beer.

As I mentioned the meals appeared to be freshly prepared but we still waited a very long time for our main courses to arrive. At one point, the waiter came to tell us that we wouldn’t have much longer to wait. Even though a handful more customers arrived in the meantime the place was nowhere near full so I can’t imagine what caused the delays.

In all honesty I couldn’t recommend this restaurant. The service, while good, was slow and there was no beer. I’ll stick to my neighbourhood Indian restaurants in future. My Monsoon experience was a wash out!


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