We went to vote on Friday evening and decided to saunter down to Terenure village and take a chance on getting a table in one of more than a  dozen eateries there. Our first, and only, call was at Vermilion. Even though we hadn’t got a reservation we managed to get a table at 7:30. I suspect it might have been the last one available as the place appeared to be full to capacity within thirty minutes of our arrival.

We were shown to our table and presented with poppadoms and the customary dips and bits and, of course, the menu. We were too late for the early bird but we didn’t mind. We chose to have the mixed platter for two which turned out to be a very generously portioned plate. The ‘beef pepper’ was a little hot though.

For main course I chose the Mangalorean Fish Masala – a dish I had tasted here before but had never ordered and I was very pleased with it. It is marked with two chillis (Vermilion’s measure of  ‘heat’ ranges from zero to three chillis) but it wasn’t too hot. I gave himself a taste of it and he enjoyed it. Himself ordered the Gosht Mehzabin and the fecker didn’t give me a taste. Obviously it was too tasty for sharing. We had naan and pilau rice and a few Cobra beers.

The Tom Millett jazz band was playing in the front section of the dining room and the music was very pleasant – not too loud and not too heavy on crazy  jazz instrumentals either! Whatever they are doing in Vermilion they are doing it well. The place was packed, they were turning customers away and there was a steady stream of take-away orders being collected. Monsoon in Rathmines should take a look.



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