Coppinger Row

One of my oldest friends was home from London for a couple of days and, at short notice, we arranged to ‘do lunch’ on Tuesday last. We met at the Westbury Hotel where she was staying. I expected that we would be dining there but she suggested that I pick a place. My immediate thought was to try Thornton’s but, sadly, it only does lunch Thursdays to Saturdays. And so we headed off to Coppinger Row instead.

Coppinger Row features in The Dubliner – 100 Best Restaurants so I figured I could kill two birds with the one stone – lunch and a chance to update my reports. We arrived there just before two ‘o clock and we were informed that it would be ten minutes before a table was ready. We perched ourselves up at the bar and I had a look at the menu while we waited. And what an interesting and tempting menu it was. I really wanted to try a number of the dishes. In the end I settled for the beef tajine (sic) and my friend chose a pulled pork dish from a number of the daily specials on the blackboard. She ordered still water and I had sparkling. Two Kilner bottles arrived and I must assume that they have their own ‘soda streaming’ facility out the back.

The food was something else. My tajine was an absolute delight. Every mouthful was a different experience. There was plenty of it and I couldn’t finish it. My pal was also very pleased with her pork dish even though it came served on toast which wasn’t mentioned on the board (she is on a wheat free diet). But she acknowledged that she should have specified her requirements and so she put the toast to one side.

I wasn’t going to have coffee because I was so full but when some arrived at the adjacent table I was tempted because the coffee looked really good. My pal is also off caffeine so she asked for a mint tea and was really delighted with being offered the choice of fresh mint tea or tea bag mint tea (although it was phrased more eloquently than this!).

Coppinger Row was a wonderful experience for me. The prices were excellent for the quality of food served. I would have no hesitation in recommending people to go here. The food is different, interesting and tasty. The staff are friendly and engaging. It’s definitely a place to which I’ll return.

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