Taste Of Emilia


A Taste of Emilia

An essential trip to Rambler’s Way for some new hiking clothes gave himself and myself an opportunity to divert to Liffey Street to try out ‘Taste Of Emilia’. This is a bijou Italian café/wine bar/deli/salumeria. And what a find! We arrived at about two thirty and got the last two indoor seats. We were given the menu and spent a while perusing it. I decided to have a bruschetta with artichokes and my beloved opted to have a piadina riccione  (ham, cheese and mayo). The menu warns that the bruschetta can take fifteen minutes to prepare as it was like a pizza.


While we were waiting we people watched. Mostly we watched people coming in and being extremely disappointed that there were no seats left. It is clearly a very popular spot and the clientele was very cosmopolitan. The two girls sharing our table were speaking English (with foreign accents) and it transpired the one was Italian and one German. A group of Spanish speakers came in and left when there was no seating. Two English ladies came and were lucky enough to get a table that had just been vacated. Then I met an Italian acquaintance who comes there regularly to stock up on all the Italian meats and products that are on sale here.

In due course our food arrived. Mine was very tasty and himself informs me that his was too but, yet again, he didn’t share! We didn’t have any of the meat platters which, in hindsight, we probably should have had. But really we were only looking for a stop gap snack and a coffee as we weren’t hugely  hungry. The bill came to €16.70 for an iced tea, two coffees, a piadina and a bruschetta.

Taste of Emilia also sells the following  products:


I really liked this place which I would never have found if not for The Dubliner- Best 100 Restaurants.


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