The Schooner

A group of us dined here at the weekend. Things didn’t start off on a good footing when a member of our group inadvertently annoyed one of the waitresses and was rudely told off for moving a place setting. We were all on our guard as a result.

Things settled down and we read the menu. I chose the chicken Caesar salad which was more than disappointing. It was made with shredded lettuce, hardly any Caesar dressing (and perhaps even none!) and the Parmesan shavings were the texture of plastic. Its presentation did little to help things either – served in a dessert bowl and the food was all squashed down too. The only starter that got a good report from our group was the portobello mushroom one.

I chose steak for my main course. I asked for a medium one which is what I received. It was cooked perfectly but it lacked flavour and juiciness. I also had to ask for the pepper sauce which eventually came, in a gravy boat, and lacked peppercorns. All the main courses came with a selection of vegetables – roast carrots, baby potatoes, red cabbage and overcooked broccoli.

I didn’t order dessert but I tasted the lemon/lime crumble tart which was really nice. The coffee was served to the table in coffee pots so God only know what it was like. I stuck with my Sauvignon Blanc and some Pinot Noir. The wines were very keenly priced.

This is not fine dining. This is food as fuel. The Schooner menu is great for people on a budget. Then, again, the chip van is also a great option for people on a budget and if I was dining on a budget I’d try the chip van.

Dinner for thirteen (including a load of drink) came to €518.00. No service charge.


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