Organic Flower Power

Serendipity brought me here. I was  going to visit a friend  in hospital and I parked my car near the Blessington Basin where my niece rents a little place. My niece walked with me as far as the hospital and told me about the tea rooms which she has never tried. She said she thought they served organic teas. As we didn’t actually walk past the shop I had no idea what to expect.

The friend I was visiting was hoping to go for a stroll down to the Blessington Basin and I suggested that we stop in there for tea. To be honest I thought the place was going to serve sachets of  herbal teas from a great collection. How wrong was I? This place is absolutely amazing. I cannot begin to describe the range of teas on offer. You can check their on-line menu if you wish.

The array of teas was stunning and the friendly waitress offered us the chance to smell a few different ones before suggesting that we try a simple white tea which is good for general well being. We sat down in one of a selection of little ‘dens’ and waited. It was about ten minutes before the waitress returned with the two pots of tea. She explained that the water needs to be at eighty degrees Centigrade before the tea can be made. Any hotter and the tea is burned. The tea was served on a tray with a small basket of chocolate chip cookies.


There was soothing music playing and the whole place exuded an air of peace and calm. It was a delightful way to pass an hour. There were no cucumber sandwiches or tea cakes. Just tea and biscuits.  And calm. And peace. And there is tea for every condition/ailment/state of mind. This is an absolutely wonderful place, you owe it to yourself to pass an hour here with someone you like to spend time with it.

Of course I had to quiz the waitress about the background to the whole concept and she willingly filled us in. The place is owned by a lady who is originally from the Czech Republic where these kind of tea rooms are very common. This lady married an Irish man and decided to open up her own tea room. That’s basically it. It’s amazing. Check it out!

Some of the teas on offer!



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