It was with genuine disbelief that I watched the emergence of Base Wood Fired Pizza from a building, in Terenure, that had lain empty for some time. It was also surprising to see it being developed when the economy was indubitably careering downhill. I think that a lot of local people thought the whole idea was nuts as Terenure village already has a lot of Italian restaurants that sell pizzas to take away. There were other drawbacks too. There is no parking for collection, there isn’t even the possibility of pulling up illegally on to the pavement as the area is bollarded. So all us seasoned residents of the village sat back and waited for it to close up and revert to being an empty building.


That was 2008. Base is still there and, two and a half years after it opened,  I finally got around to trying some of their product. We looked at their online menu and ordered three pizzas from their range – a Roma, a Verro and a Funghi. The lady told me that the pizzas would be ready in about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes later I was in the shop ready to pick them up, himself was parked illegally on the pavement across the road (it was a bank holiday Monday, so it’s forgivable) and fifteen minutes later I emerged with our order. I wasn’t too impressed so far. If one is making pizzas for over two years one should know how long it will take even during busy periods. There were at least two other customers who were also waiting for pizzas which seemed to be slow in arriving.


We were home in two minutes where we dispensed with all decorum and ate our pizzas directly from the box. We had been up very late the previous night and were feeling rather ‘delicate’ to put it mildly. Nobody wanted to hear the crash of crockery and cutlery being hauled out of drawers and placed onto the table so we went feral for an hour. My pizza was absolutely wonderful. It had a thin base but there was enough strength in it to prevent it from flopping when lifted. There was beautifully cooked aubergine on it which tasted magnificent. It also broke easily when bitten so that it wasn’t messy to manage. There was probably a little too much rocket for my liking – I think the ubiquity of rocket has diminished its reputation. I tasted the Pizza Verro which had chicken and tomatoes and red onions. I thought it was a little dry compared to my one which was succulently moist without making the base soggy.

Above all, it passed the ‘reheat and eat’ test the following day. One may not always consider this fact when rating a pizza but, in my opinion, it is highly significant. Three pizzas cost us €40.75 on their special deal ‘buy two and get a third half price’. They were excellent pizzas and the high temperature of the wood fired oven makes a fantastic pizza base. Check their website for lots of information but, more importantly, check out their pizzas. (It is worth noting that a basic 13.5 inch cheese and tomato pizza is €13.50 at base and €15.00 at both Extreme Pizza and Dominos.) When ordering be sure to impress upon them that they need to be more accurate regarding the collection times.


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