Some people go to IKEA for furnishing ideas, others for food. Last week we went for both. On my first visit here I was an IKEA virgin and had to be shown the ropes by an old pro. Now, having shopped here a few times,  I am that that pro.

We agreed we should eat first as we weren’t sure how long we’d be caught up in the shop. My daughter loves the meatballs here which are also wheat free. She was tempted to order a portion of fifteen because it was a good bargain. I persuaded her that ten would be enough. It turned out that ten was too much. I wasn’t hugely hungry so I took a pre packed egg and prawn open sandwich from the refrigerated unit. We were disappointed to learn that the ‘endless refills’ drink machine was out of order so we just had tap water.

Meatballs and Mash.

We found a place to sit near the window and began eating. I have to say that my daughter’s meal was offensive to my eyes. Just looking at the mashed potatoes made me slightly nauseous. But she loved it and wolfed it down and battled hard to finish the ten meatballs. She had to surrender in the end. While writing this review, and viewing the photo of her meal,  a feeling of queasiness has returned to my stomach. And to make matters worse I actually ate one of her meatballs and its flavour imprinted itself very strongly in my memory and it is taking far too long for that memory to fade.

IKEA Prawn and Egg Sandwich

For my own meal I chose a prawn and egg open sandwich from the refrigerated display unit. It looked nice. I’m sure Ross O’Carroll-Kelly would have been impressed by its presentation. It was wrapped in cellophane and displayed elegantly. There were so many miniature prawns that I couldn’t even see the slice of bread beneath everything. A slice of lemon adorned it. My meal was a bit more aesthetically pleasing than my daughter’s  but on the taste front it was in the same league as hers. The prawns were watery and salty – despite being of the freshwater variety. The egg was quite rubbery and the bread was like MDF – perhaps it was manufactured from factory floor sweepings?

By all means try the IKEA restaurant but don’t expect great  things. The French, the Italians and the Chinese are renowned for their cuisine but a quick Google of what Sweden is famous revealed the following: Ikea, Absolut Vodka, Abba, Volvo, Saab, The Nobel Prize, H&M and Roll Mops. Palatable food doesn’t really feature, for obvious reasons.

The Bill –

The Bill.


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