Honest To Goodness

Honest to Goodness.

Honest to Goodness is located in George’s Arcade. It is a tiny café which also does a huge take-out trade at lunch time. I was doing a morning’s work nearby and decided to kill two birds with one stone i.e. feed me and feed my mission to try all the restaurants in The Dubliner – 100 Best Resturants. Shortly after midday I strolled over expecting to beat the lunchtime rush. How deluded was I? There were four people already waiting for their take away sandwiches to be made and a fair smattering of customers sitting at tables. The menu is quite extensive for such a small premises. You can check out their complete range of items at their website.

Although it was the sixth of May I decided to order ‘The Mexican’ Sandwich as a belated nod to Cinco de Mayo. This was to include roast chicken, guacamole, tomato, salsa and lettuce. I could choose between white bread, brown bread or tomato bread. I elected to have a brown bread sandwich and I perched myself up onto a high stool while my sandwich was freshly made for me. Although there was at least half a dozen busy staff behind the counter, and four customers ahead of me,  I still waited the guts of ten minutes before my lunch was ready. Perhaps the guys were filling orders that had been phoned in. Eventually it was ready and I paid €5.20 for this:

The Mexican!

No amount of fancy photography could elevate this into a ‘wow’ sandwich. But flavour is the real test. Sadly this was  also lacking. The bread was good but was the salsa absent? There was a distinct lack of piquancy in this sandwich, even the guacamole lacked flavour and seemed to be only avocado and not much else. I could not detect anything remotely Mexican in it – no chilli, no jalapeño, not even lime. Nada! This was an extremely dull sandwich and does a severe disservice to The Mexican nation.

In these ultra-competitive days one can get a better lunch for this amount of money.


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