Parker’s Holycross

Parker’s does a four course set dinner for €20.00 and I had to keep reminding myself of this throughout the meal. It became a bit of a mantra and a voice in the back of my head was chanting “it’s only twenty euro. it’s only twenty euro”. Indeed, price was the only saving grace of this dining experience.


We arrived at the restaurant and were shown to our table. The adjacent table had not yet been cleared of a dessert plate and coffee cup. We assumed the previous diner had only just left and that the waitress would clear it off pretty quickly. But I’ll spare you the lengthy descriptions of our hopeful anticipations. She didn’t clear the table until we eventually asked her to and then she seemed a bit surprised at our request.

The restaurant is located in what was once a family home and it is strangely laid out. There are two distinct dining areas. The front area is set out mostly in tables for two and the other area is for larger groups. The tables are nicely dressed in crisp white linen. But the timber floor is very sticky underfoot. It reminded me of the floor of the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.

We studied the menu and made our choices. I opted for  a salad with Brie, poached pear, toasted almonds and raspberry vinaigrette and was surprised at what was actually served up. Firstly the brie was deep fried which wasn’t stated on the menu, the pear wasn’t poached and the almonds were non-existent. I would never order deep fried cheese as there is enough fat and cholesterol in regular cheese. Himself ordered had a hotcake with chicken and mushroom sauce and it was lovely.

For main course I ordered panfried chicken with risotto and lemon butter sauce and himself opted for steak (five euro supplement) with pepper sauce. The chicken breast was horribly dry, as though it had been baked and not pan fried. The risotto was fine. The steak was excellent, I’m told.

For dessert I had a selection of ice-cream and hubby had berry tart. We finished with tea and coffee.

Could I recommend Parker’s? In all honesty I couldn’t. The place is tired and in need of freshening up. The awning outside is bockety and soiled and the patio area is weed ridden. Inside, as I’ve mentioned, has a floor that is in dire need of a cleaning. The waitress needs some training in clearing tables. (Another table was left uncleared later in the evening). I firmmly believe that my twenty euro would have been better spent elsewhere.


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