Dunne & Crescenzi

Dunne and Crescenzi

We decided to have a late lunch on Saturday and wandered down to Dunne and Crescenzi on South Frederick Street. Clearly I was in a forgiving mood as my previous experience here wasn’t good at all. We arrived at about two o’clock and were fortunate enough to secure a sunny table outside. We perused the menu and, finally, made our order. I chose the Insalata Del Pastore (not listed in the  online menu)  and Mr W had the Panino Tirolese. We also ordered two glasses of Trebbiano d’Abruzzo and some aqua frizzante.  (If I’m paying for water then it has to have bubbles!)

A generous plate of salad arrived – it consisted of mesclun greens, a few slices of crisp pear, walnuts and a slice of warm goat’s cheese on top. It also had two slices of grilled ciabatta (aka toast) which were drizzled with oil. Himself had the panino which looked extremely flat and thin. He said it was really delicious but i didn’t taste it as I am trying to go ‘wheat free’ for a fortnight. My salad was tasty although there was a tad too much dressing on the leaves. Nevertheless, I ate all of it and donated the ciabatta to Mr W.

We looked at the dessert menu and himself ordered an affogato, to be followed by an espresso. I ordered a double espresso. My coffee arrived almost immediately but we had to wait about ten minutes before the ice-cream arrived. It was after three o’clock and the place wasn’t busy so I can’t see how serving a couple of scoops of ice-cream took so long. When the affogato arrived the coffee had already been poured over the ice cream. I have never seen an affogato served this way before. The shot of coffee is normally brought to the table and then the customer, or the server,  pours it.  The ice cream tasted absolutely divine.

We enjoyed our late lunch at Dunne and Crescenzi although I wouldn’t go so far as to describe it as amazing. The service was friendly. The surrounding tables were cleared of debris the moment they were vacated. We also took the opportunity to stock up on some pasta and wine from their shop.


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