The Goat Street Café

Recently I reserved The Goat Street Café, Dingle for a private function. Having had the pleasure of dining here before I knew that, under normal restaurant circumstances, the food is pretty good. I approached the chef/proprietor, Ed, about making the reservation and he was really helpful. He offered us an excellent menu – two courses for €20.00, three for €24.00 and €5.00 supplement for a steak option. There was a great choice on the menu on the night – far more dishes than what he had originally offered. There were four starters, at least six main courses and four desserts. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep a copy of the menu because I didn’t intend to include this event in my blog but the occasion was so well catered for that I couldn’t omit it.

I ordered a beetroot and goat’s cheese salad which I really enjoyed, the beetroot had a nice bite to it and the cheese was of the rustic variety. I’ve only recently converted to the experience of goat’s cheese and I have generally opted for the creamy ones. But the serving I got at the  Goat Street Café has brought me to the next level. There was also plenty of other interesting things in the salad.

For my main course I chose a Thai curry with prawns. There were so many choices on the menu that I felt cheated at not being able to have more than one main! Seafood kebabs were a popular choice at my table, as was the duo of hake and pollock and the steaks were an attractive option too. Having been responsible for choosing the venue I was anxious that people would enjoy their food. The very generously portioned starters were demolished, the main courses were scoffed and the plates were licked clean. The dishwashing staff must have had an easy time. Almost fifty people were catered for and everyone was delighted with the quality of the food.

I had a chilled raspberry creme brulée which was absolutely fantastic. I usually prefer a plain brulée but, in future, when dining at The Goat Street Café I will make an exception.

I am a fan of The Goat Street Café. I’ve had breakfasts, lunches and dinners here over the years and it’s always excellent. Don’t be put off by it’s name, it is not what I would call a café, it is more a bistro or a brasserie. In my mind a café is a greasy spoon where you get egg and chips with everything, and bread and butter and tea, brown sauce,  and mushy peas…


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