Green Nineteen

Green 19

After some time away from the ‘The Dubliner – 100 Best Restaurants‘ mission we decided to try Green Nineteen on Dublin’s Camden Street on a Sunday evening recently. I phoned at about 4:00 I had no problem securing a table for 7:30. We arrived punctually and were greeted by a pleasant lady who showed us to our table in the upstairs area. Walking through the restaurant we noted that it was very busy and very well staffed. The overall vibe was a good one. We sat down at our table and studied  the menu. As I had just embarked on a low-carb regime I was keen to eat something that kept me on the straight and narrow so for starters I chose the ‘selection of cured meats and sausages’ and himself chose the selction of pinchos. For mains I opted for the lamb tagine and Mr W ordered bacon and cabbage. I skipped on the wine and Himself had a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Our order was taken by a friendly, efficient waitress. She described what the pinchos were and when I asked about how ‘orangey’ the orange scented couscous was she (rightly, as it turned out) told me that the orange flavour was barely discernible. She must have been worn out going up and down the stairs all evening and yet she never ceased to keep a smile on her face. I hope she’s being well looked after at Green Nineteen because she is the kind of waitress that all restaurants need.

Our food duly arrived.  My very generous platter of meat contained chorizo, salami, age dried ham and proper corned beef (at least I think that’s what it was). I was struggling to finish it, but I got there eventually. The pinchos looked appetising and Mr W said they were fine, not outstanding, simply fine. Our mains were also generously proportioned. Picture my large bowl, if you will – half of it was lamb, a quarter of it was chunky carrot/parsnip mix and the other quarter was couscous. At the prices that Green Nineteen charge it is amazing that the portion weighed so heavily on the meat side. But the low-carb me was very pleased with it. The bacon and cabbage was also served in a bowl on top  of a portion of mash and finished with a white sauce through which wholegrain mustard abounded. Himself really enjoyed his meal, as did I.

We couldn’t face a dessert so we just had tea and coffee. And the bill came to less than fifty euro including a glass of wine for himself.

The Bill

There is definitely a market for places like Green Nineteen. It serves tasty food at the keenest prices. It is not my cup of tea but I can see the attraction. If I was to change anything about the place I would suggest they would stop serving carafes of water jam packed with lemon balm and lemon wedges. The hippies stopped doing that in the nineteen seventies.


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