The Lovely Food Co

The Lovely Food Co

The Lovely Food Co opened in Terenure a couple of months ago and appears to be quite popular. It is local to me so I decided to try it for breakfast when catching up with an old pal. I arrived at 9:00 and, as I was the first customer, I chose my own seat. I received a friendly greeting and, when I explained I was waiting for someone to join me, I was brought menus, a newspaper and a glass of water for both me and my ‘yet to arrive’ breakfast date.

The premises is newly refurbished. The walls in the dining are are panelled and painted in a light colour that probably has an exotic sounding name in the painter’s pantone book. The floor is timber  and behind the counter there is an exposed ‘brick effect’ wall. All in all it is a comfortable room.

I ordered a mini Irish and my companion ordered the French toast with eggs and crispy bacon. We asked for our coffees to be brought with the breakfast. (In my opinion too many restaurants bring the tea/coffee long before the breakfast arrives – thus forcing you to purchase a second cup.) We also asked if it was possible for our eggs to be poached and our request was accommodated, without question.

The breakfasts arrived and the mini Irish was just the right size for me. The French toast breakfast would have fed a family of four! It looked lovely and I was really jealous! It consisted of four triangle of toast (two slices or bread), heaps of bacon and two eggs. My pal asked for maple syrup and this promptly served in an elegant little dish.  At least, I can console myself that I stuck to my high protein diet! The coffee was very nice although the cup was rather  too large for me. I’m not oversold on imbibing huge coffees. For a cappuccino the cup size was perfect.

The Lovely Food Co served a satisfactory breakfast at a good price but there was nothing spectacular about it. My favourite breakfast, Eggs Benedict, wasn’t on the menu and it is a good breakfast on which to judge a cafe. The Lovely Food Co currently opens for evening meals and, I think, it might be worthy of further investigation.


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