Bleu Bistro Moderne

Bleu, on Dublin’s Dawson Street, is one of award winning chef Eamon O’Reilly’s restaurants along with One Pico and The Box Tree. We popped in there for a late lunch in October after a visit to the Dublin Contemporary exhibition in Earlsfort Terrace. It was late afternoon when we arrived into this modern, airy restaurant. There was only a handful of customers yet we were shown to a rather tight table right next to two gentlemen. They also felt crowded as they attempted to shift their plates and glasses a little bit away from us. This type of seating arrangement appeared to be a trend as we noticed that new customers were also squeezed in on top of existing ones. Odd!

The lunch menu was keenly priced at €16.95  for two courses, €13.95 for one. We decided to skip starters and go to directly to ordering mains. I ordered Breast of Fermanagh free range chicken on a abed of wild mushroom risotto and Parmesan crisp. Mr W had the pork belly with mashed potatoes and a puree of sage and onion. We ordered tap water and we had a basket of white bread to nibble in lieu of starters.

The main courses duly arrived and I was very pleased with my meal. The chicken was succulent, with crisp skin and the risotto was creamy, with a bite, and not overpowered by the mushrooms. I really enjoyed it. Alas Mr w’s pork belly didn’t meet with our approval. The skin wasn’t a bit crisp and the meat itself tasted bland and the texture was watery. He was quite disappointed.

Panna Cota

We soldiered on and ordered from the dessert menu.  I chose a blackeberry creme brulée and himself had the rum panna cotta with caramelised banana and golden raisins. Both desserts were absolutely excellent. We finished up with two americanoes but the beans were too richly roasted for my liking. I don’t like the burnt arabica type of roast. I’m not sure what beans were used but they were roasted more than how I like them to be done.  The Bill came to €43.10.


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