One Pico

We decided to have Sunday lunch here prior to visiting the RHA, on Ely Place, which was the venu for this year’s Vue art fair. I’ve eaten here on a few occasions over the years and I have always been very pleased with the experience.

One Pico

We were greeted on arrival and my coat was taken, placed on a hanger and hung in a dedicated closet. (It is surprising the number of ‘good’ restaurants that will make a big deal of taking your jacket and then ruin it by hanging it on a hook!) We were shown to our table and the menu was brought. We were offered water – ‘still, sparkling or a jug of water’. What a nice way of putting it! The word ‘tap’ was never mentioned. We opted for the jug of water.

It took a while to decide on what to order because our menu was full of so many delicious things. Finally, I settled on a starter of red mullet with mixed pepper escabeche, saffron aioli and served on a bed of shredded fennel. Mr W ordered ham hock terrrine with Madeira aioli. For the main course I chose pork belly served with scallops, cauliflour purée and apple while himself went for cod served with potato puree, black bacon, vermouth cream and sweet peas (not the flowers!). We also ordered a half bottle of Kimmeridgien.

Once our orders were taken to the kitchen we were offered bread – there was brown with walnuts (or was it sunflower seeds?), white or onion and raisin. I chose the onion and raisin and himself had the brown. The bread was fresh, warm and delicious. Later, when we were offered more bread there was a lovely tomato and basil added to the selection and it was the best.

The starters arrived and mine was pretty as a picture. It tasted fantastic too. The flesh of the fish was firm and the saffron aioli was just lovely.

Red Mullet

I also tasted the ‘am ‘ock terrine as the French (I presume) maitre d’ called it. It was excellent. I am not a fan of terrines but this would certainly tempt me to change my ways. It was really super.

The main courses arrived. My pork belly was beautifully cooked, crispy on top and the meat was succulent and flavoursome. The scallops were perfectly prepared and the cauliflower purée was an excellent accompaniment. Even the apple sauce was exquisite, as was the toasted sage leaf. Himself offered me a taste of the cod and it was really nice. The sauce was delicious and Mr W loved it.

Pork Belly And Scallops

Of course we had to have dessert as it was included in the price! I had the creme brulée (how predictable!) served with roast almond ice-cream and himself had carrot cake which came with a cinnamon ice-cream. We were very happy with these desserts. The creme brulée was very tasty and the custard was really thick. The ice cream was rich and creamy with just the right level of almond in it.

We finished with two coffees which cost extra.

The Bill

We really enjoyed our meal at One Pico and we will definitely return.


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