We were invited out to dinner at Pielows in Cabinteely recently. I had never heard of this restaurant before but Lucinda O’Sullivan has seen fit to give it a plaque so I expected something decent. Alas this was not the case.

Pielows in Cabinteely

To begin I ordered chilli scallops which, when served, were like rubber bullets. The chilli sauce was way too hot and we should really have been advised of this when ordering. I can manage a fair bit of heat but this was excessive. Had the scallops been soft and succulent, the chilli would have destroyed them.

For my main course I was tempted by the retro offering of steak rossini and I ordered mine to be cooked medium. It must be over twenty years since I had this dish, indeed it must be just as long since I’ve seen it on a menu and I was looking really forward to it. Further disappointment followed… the steak was overdone and a bit chewy. The ‘pâté’ turned out to be a little sliver of liver (chicken perhap?). If it wasn’t liver then it was a foie gras so heavily fried that, by some alchemy, it turned back into liver. It was served with sides of dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables which were fairly bland.

My dessert of strawberry pavlova redeemed the situation a little and the coffee was reasonable. Our hosts paid the bill so I don’t know what it amounted to but I certainly won’t be rushing back to dine here.


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