I got two tweetseats at this ‘pop-up’ restaurant recently. A group of four of us arrived so we made up a table of both freeloaders and paying customers. Skinflint is another of Joe Macken’s pop up ideas (like Crackbird) and serves, mainly, pizza and also a daily meatball offering. (Menu).

Tweetseat Chicken

It was three thirty on a Sunday afternoon when we arrived and the place wasn’t a bit busy. The room is basic, which is part of the popup concept, and the tables are made from old doors with legs fitted and topped with a sheet of glass (or possibly perspex). The server showed us to our table and popped the ‘tweetseat chicken’ in front of us! It didn’t take too long for us to make our decisions. I ordered the lamb meat balls with pink peppercorn mash and celeriac salad. The others ordered the vonie, the susie and the simply red. I ordered a lemonade and Mr W ordered a beer (Howling Gale from Eight Degrees Brewing). When our server delivered our drinks she tried to coax us into ordering starters. In my opinion she should have done this when we ordered our food and not as an afterthought.

I sipped my lemonade while we waited for the pizzas to arrive. They weren’t too long coming and they broke from tradition by being rectangular (ish). They looked really good and I was jealous. My bowl of meatballs topped with mash and topped again with the celeriac slaw did not look as pretty!  It was odd to be served with just a spoon to eat  my meal. I managed fine but I would have prefered to have been given a fork as well. The celeriac slaw was really tasty, the rest of the dish was OK – certainly not amazing. The pizzas were enjoyed and given the thumbs up all round.

The Vonie

We decided not to bother with desserts and we asked for coffee. I requested an americano and was informed that they only had filter coffee. I was hugely disappointed as I had an amazing coffee in this very room when it was the home of the original Crackbird.  Mr W also declined to have filter coffee. Within ten seconds the server was back to inform us that we could have espressos as there was an espresso machine. How odd was that! My understanding is that an americano is simply an espresso with some extra hot water. Clearly someone in Skinflint needs to learn this.

How To Make an Americano

In summary the pizza eaters were happy, the service was mediocre and the product knowledge was limited. It is cheap -ish.


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