Mayfield Deli And Eatery

The Mayfield Eatery

After much procrastination I finally made it to this establishment for lunch. It was almost two o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and the place was buzzing. We were lucky to get seats. Five minutes after we arrived people were queuing! This bistro is located in a premises formerly occupied by Christy’s Butcher Shop at the edge of Terenure. The old tiles have been left on the wall as have the rails from which the cuts of meat would hang. But now all that hangs from these rails are spare chairs, notices and ornaments. The tables and chairs are an eclectic mix and, overall, the fist impression is that this place is a cross between a New York Deli and a Parisian Bistro.

The Lunch menu was very interesting. There was soup and sandwiches available for €8.50 or, for €5.50, you could have just the sandwiches. The sandwiches on offer were no ordinary run of the mill things. There were ones available with ciabatta, foccacia, germagrain or bagels. The fillings sounded fantastic too. But I wasn’t in the mood for sandwiches.

The hot foods on offer included lasagne, fish cakes, chicken curry, asparagus pie and sweet potato and butternut squash tagine.  These all sounded delightful too but I wasn’t in the mood for hot food wither. I flipped the menu over and found some salads on offer on the rear. Now, strangely for me, I was in the mood for salad and I settled on ‘The Honey Roasted Pear Salad served with Grapes, Croutons, Bacon, Leaves and Cashel Blue Dressing’ priced at €9.00.  My dining partner ordered the  ‘Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Tagine, Chickpeas, Apricots served with flat bread and rice’ on offer for €9.50.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the food to arrive. My salad platter looked great and was accompanied with a couple of slices of tasty brown bread. There were plenty of grapes and croutons but very little bacon and the Cashel blue sauce definitely lacked flavour. The pear was not chopped, or sliced, as I might have expected but was served in wedge form. I wasn’t wowed by this salad. Serves me right for not ordering something mores seasonal!

Fortunately the taster I got from my dining partner saved the day. The tagine tasted absolutely amazing and I would definitely return just to try it. It was a lovely orange colour with a generous scattering of flaked almonds atop it. It was pleasing to both the eye, the palate and the olfactory receptors.

We looked at the dessert menus but were not tempted by the wide variety of cakes on offer and so we just ordered two americanos which were excellent (not too big) and keenly priced at €2.30. The bill came to €23.10 and, while my salad didn’t delight me, I definitely would go back to try something different.


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