The Wild Boar

I won’t mince my words about my recent visit here. I was stunned by how mediocre the experience was. We arrived at  about 2:45 on a Sunday afternoon when the main rush for lunch was finished. We selected our own table (it is a pub after all) and a waiter brought menus to us. We were ravenous and made our decisions fairly quickly so were not too pleased at the slowness of the order taking – there was plenty of staff and most of the other patrons were eating already.

My next disappointment was that the first items on the menu were not available on Sundays! Aaargh! My mouth was already watering for the “steak sandwich with caramelised onion, rocket and Bearnaise sauce” before I realised that it was not available on Sundays. Why on earth would any establishment give a menu that included food you couldn’t have? I settled for the alternate offering of a steak sandwich with French fries. Mr W ordered a special from the black board – bacon and cabbage with apple and mash.

The food arrived in good time. Neither of us were visually stunned by the offerings. The bacon was a large, thick slice and looked most unappetising. The portion of mash was meagre, as was the serving of cabbage. Mr W was not too impressed. My steak sandwich wasn’t much better. First of all it was an open sandwich i.e. it was a piece of steak atop a half slice of baguette. I had to ask for a steak knife in order to cut it. And the chips were the thin type that you might get in a fast food restaurant. All in all I was not happy with what I got. My expectations were probably high because I have eaten a few times in the adjoining Box Tree and have been very happy with the offerings there.

I wasn’t pleased with the bathroom facilities either. My first impression was that I was in some country pub in the last century at a time when merely having an indoor bathroom was chic. The ladies’ room doubles as the wheelchair bathroom but that wasn’t the problem. The room looked like it hadn’t be mopped down for some time. It didn’t help matters that the soap dispenser is located in such a way that all the drips fall directly on the floor. There was a small pile of congealed soap on the floor and it looked like someone’s cat had been sick.

I was quite disappointed with our experience and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to eat here.


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Mother, wife, dog owner. Slave, winer, diner, reader, theatre goer.
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