The Paris Bakery

Recently I came across this little gem on Moore Street. It’s location is not where one would expect to find such a treasure but don’t be put off by the fruit hawkers, the endless row of dodgy phone shops and the ramshackle buildings because this little place is worth finding.

Paris Bakery - Bread

This was my second visit here and I brought MrW along this time as I knew he’d like the pastry cabinet! On my first visit I had ordered Eggs Benedict which came with tongue instead of bacon. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the tongue because it was cut far too thickly for my liking. This time I opted for the Eggs Florentine. I got my order in just ahead of MrW  who had been planning to order the same thing so he decided to change his order. He opted for Eggs Benedict and, as luck would have it,  they were out of tongue and offered to substitute bacon in its place!

The eggs duly arrived served on large chunks of bread. Mine had lovely freshly ‘heated-to-wilted’ spinach and MrWs eggs sat on some lovely rashers. There were two eggs apiece so we swapped and, thus,  we managed to experience both dishes. Two ladies at an adjacent table decided that they would do similar swapping on their next visit! We enjoyed our breakfast and MrW decided to try one of the pastries – a custard slice. I had a taste of it and it was absolutely gorgeous.


The Paris Bakery doesn’t have a great online presence. I couldn’t find a menu, or a web page,  to link to and their tweeting is best described as sporadic. I found this  little snippet in The Irish Times which gives some background to the business. The premises is open for lunch, and as far as I could glean, early evening dining.

The breakfasts were extraordinarily cheap. I don’t see why anyone would dine in the soulless department store restaurants nearby when restaurant is lively, buzzing and offering great food at a super price.

The Bill:

The Bill


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