San Lorenzo’s

San Lorennzo's

Following a Saturday morning shopping expedition in the city centre I met up with himself at  San Lorenzo’s for an early lunch. I’d heard reports of good food being dished up here so I thought it would be worth trying it. It was only 12:55 and we were the first to arrive. MrW isn’t too keen on being the only diner in a restaurant but I managed to coax him inside! It wasn’t long before a few more diners ventured in.

It’s not a huge room and, as it was a quiet lunch hour, we didn’t feel hemmed in by other diners. We had a table for four between the two of us so there was no danger of other diners getting inside our personal space. There was Country and Western music playing on the music system which struck us as a little odd as it continued thus for about forty minutes. It wasn’t wee Daniel or Tammy Wynette – it was the better stuff but a restaurant really needs to play an eclectic mix of sounds so that nobody is offended for too long if the selection doesn’t suit them.

We perused the menu and made our choices. Mr w chose the porchetta tonata and I opted for the quail. For mains himself had pork belly while I went for hake. I ordered a glass of Picboul and MrW ordered a glass of Kalterese. The Picboul was absolutely delightful and I’ll be seeking some for home consumption. I don’t think MrW’s red wine hit the same high notes as my lovely white.

Quail Starter

The service was friendly and efficient. Our orders were taken promptly and we were never neglected or fussed over. The porchetta tonnata was thinly sliced and spread over a large plate and a dollop of the tuna mayo was in the centre.  I didn’t taste it because my quail was so gorgeous I didn’t want to share any of it with MrW! (But I did).  It was beautifully tender and oozing with flavour. I really liked it.

The mains came shortly after. Mr W’s pork belly was excellent – he assured me. I didn’t taste it as I felt it might overpower the delicate tones of my fish dish. The hake was nice and the vegetables were lovely but because my starter was so wonderful my expectations were pretty high. The fish dish was not of the same calibre as the starter, but it was still very good.


As always MrW had a look at the dessert menu and settled on the tiramisu. This arrived with two spoons (Hurrah!) and a warning that we might need a designated driver due to its alcohol content! I’ve sampled a lot of weird and wonderful tiramisus in my time and I have to say that this one was exceptionally good. It ticked all the right boxes and it was a generous portion too!

We finished with excellent coffees. The bill came to €63.50 – a tad high for lunch in the current climate – especially for a relatively new restaurant. Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

The Bill

A point worth noting (as this happened to a friend of mine). A group of six people will be squeezed into the bench style seating as depicted above. This means that the people in the centre of the bench have their plates sitting on the join of the two tables. This is definitely not the best plan. My friend felt it detracted from the experience.

And finally you have to check out the bathrooms (unisex, ugh) as the wash area overlooks the kitchen and you can watch all the work going on.


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