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We’re Almost Metric…Just A Few More Inches To Go

The teaching of the Metric system in schools in Ireland commenced in 1970. Children of the sixties who had grown up with pints, pounds and miles were now introduced to litres, kilos and metres. It is quite likely that this … Continue reading

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We are what we eat.

It is quite alarming that the former Minister for Agriculture, Brendan Smith, declared his intention to support an EU proposal to permit the use of Genetically Modified (GM) animal feed in Europe. He has also declared support for the sale … Continue reading

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Hugely Impressed by Nano Science

I took advantage of an Open House Architecture initiative to go to the Crann Building in Trinity College Dublin on Sunday October 10. ¬†This building houses the College’s Nano Technology Centre. ¬† Nano science is something of which I’d been … Continue reading

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